We live in a ever evolving world and H3omt has come to realise that a company can also generate passive income by investing in other business sectors infusing our technological means to enhance productivity. We are currently working with few companies in the following business sectors;


We have partnered with Zalsa Global Nig. Ltd in agribusiness sector which allows to be part of the food sustainability project in Nigeria. H3omt is currently working on eco-friendly technology that will help increase productivity.

Real Estate & Interior Design

Zalsa Global Nig. Ltd is also a partner in Real Estate and interior design. Technology is limitless and h3omt existence solely depends on it, because every single technology was born a fiction before it became a reality. Thus the transformation of science fiction into science reality is what we do best and thats why we and our partnered company are currently working on a project that will revolutionise interior designs in Nigeria.

Business Consulting Services

Logistics Services

Intercompany Investment

H3oMT invest in other companies that aligns our interest and add value to our business, investors and service users. Our investment capacity are in any of the three categories which generally are:
  • ⇒ Minority passive (less than 20% ownership)
  • ⇒ Minority active (20%-50% ownership)
  • ⇒ Controlling interest (over 50% ownership)